Sunday, 28 April 2013

Grab Some Goodies #6

Love free and cheap ebooks? Well look no further. Grab Some Goodies is our weekly feature where we share some of the free* and bargain* ebooks we find on Amazon Kindle. 

*FREEBIES are always free at the time we post them on the blog but please always double the check the price before you purchase. BARGAINS are based on UK prices so the prices may vary between UK and US

Ghost of Chance (Above The Grave #1) by Kara Kirkendoll. UK I US
Good Luck, Fatty?! by Maggie Bloom. UK I US

Discovering Ren by Jennifer Eifrig. UK I US
Watched by Cindy M Hogan. UK I US

Cornerstone by Kelly Walker. UK I US
Redemption by R.K Ryals. UK I US

Released by Megan Duncan. UK I US
The Shells of Chanticleer by Maura Patrick. UK I US

Awakened by Brenda K Davies. UK I US
Kindred by Erica Stevens. UK I US

Heiress of Lies by Cege Smith. (73p) UK I US
The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa. (£1.03) UK I US

Ruined by S. Pratt. (77p) UK I US
Broken at Love by Lyla Payne (99p) UK I US

Give Me Love by Kate McCarthy (66p) UK I US
Saving Grace by JM Hill (77p) UK I US

The Curse: Touch of Eternity by Emily Bold (£1.99) UK I US
The Immortal Circus by AR Kahler (99p) UK I US

 Being Billy by Phil Earle (£1.99) UK I US**
Saving Daisy by Phil Earle (£1.99) UK I US**

**Not Available on

Let us know what ones you have snapped up!
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